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          About us
          • 关于我们

          公司成立于1998年,主要生产黑胡桃原木切割,定制规格料板材,地板胚料,以及集成材。生产主要设备都是引进意大利,台湾的最先进木工设备,并建立一套完整的质量管理体系和严格的规章制度。公司拥有自己的木材采购基地,为产品的规模,品种,质量提供坚实可靠的保证.目前公司的产品质量获得国外客户的免检待遇,产品主要销往中国,欧美等国。,公司一直以来以创造“优质产品”为追求目标,公司的质量方针是: 品质第一,全员参与,以客为尊,持续改进。

          Founded in 1998, the company mainly produces American walnut lumber, including customized size for tabletop and flooring, and finger jointed board. The main machine for production are imported from Italy and Taiwan, and the company has established a complete quality management system and strict rules and regulations. The company has its own wood procurement base, which provides a solid and reliable guarantee for the scale, variety, and quality of the products. At present, the company's product quality has been exempted from the inspection by foreign customers, and the products are mainly sold in China, Europe, and the United States. The company has always pursued the goal of creating "quality products". The company's quality policy is: Quality first, full participation, customer-oriented, continuous improvement.